EVO in PORTLAND,OR on July, 25th 2017 at 6:15pm
6:15-7pm // Welcome, check-in, crafts and food! Welcome to ‘It’s a Bike Trip’! Come on in, get checked-in and make a name tag. You will have until 7pm to decorate a passport cover, eat some food, have a drink or two, add your ‘bucketlist travel spot’ Polaroid to the map, take a photo on the photo wall, check out your goodie bag and meet some new friends. All of the activities and stations are conversation starters. The goal is for you to leave inspired, with new bike friends and forward momentum towards a bike trip!

7-7:45pm // Bike Travel Presentation. Katie will give a presentation on her travels, how she bike travels, what she packs, travel trips and advice etc. You will be able to follow along with a take-home workbook so you won’t miss a thing and will help you once you start planning a trip of your own!

7:45-8 // Q&A, Floor is open for questions!
8pm // Crafts, raffle, food, mingling. Keep it rolling till we get kicked out! 

Free registration required because we've got food + goodies. Max. 20
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